Does the Thought of Being Financially Independent Excite You? Flipping Houses Can Achieve Those Goals


But the key is to do it right. Flipping houses isn’t a piece of cake. You need to apply the right tactics and learn everything there is.

Already know how to flip?

What if I told you there’s more to it than you already know?

Does the Thought of Being Financially Independent Excite You? Flipping Houses Can Achieve Those Goals

Presenting “Flipstarter” -
The Ultimate Beginning-To-Advanced Online
Flipping Houses Course

Learn how to:

  • Gain control of your Life, Wealth & Legacy
  • Flip Houses without investing your own money
  • Create income & boost your career
  • Recruit & manage contractors effectively
  • Work for limited hours
  • Find consistent lead flow for deals
  • Say “Yes” to different opportunities with creative deal structuring

And most importantly “Be Happy.”

FlipStarter Online

NEXT CLASS: August 3-5 from 7-9pm EDT. Two hours each evening. 

Master the Art Of “Flipping Houses” With
Roger Blankenship Who Has Done It 900+ Times.


Flipstarter isn't one of those ordinary "Flipping Houses" course that's all talk and no action. We've produced this 6-hour course to provide you with a detailed brief and all the information you'll ever need to begin your "Fixing & Flipping Houses" journey. 

Led by Founder & Host of “Flipping America” show, Roger Blankenship (his audience love to call him “Flipping America Guy”), Flipstarter is all you need to learn the top-proven tactics to invest in today’s competitive real estate market, stick to it and flip it like no one has ever before.

Does tuning to lengthy courses bore you?

Roger’s one of the most passionate and energetic guys you’ll ever come across. With more than a decade of experience and after flipping more than 900+ houses, he’s eager to reveal some of his personal secrets and top-proven tactics to keep you on edge right from the very beginning.

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With Covid-19 looming upon us, there hasn’t been a better time to develop your skillset. Brush up your real estate skills right now to make the biggest impact in the coming days.



Build Your Dream Time

To be the best, you need to hire the best. Unlock your maximum potential by hiring your dream team. Learn how to evaluate talents the RIGHT WAY. Uncover the 3 key factors for filtering out the most valuable candidates.

Become the “Numbers” Expert

Never forget Numbers. Here’s a popular real estate saying:

“You make your money when you buy it.”

Mastering this skill will help you strike the right deal at the right moment. By the time you are done with this course, you'll be able to analyze deals from your couch and make offers on properties sight-unseen. And that's a promise.

Who’s Your Target Audience?

Reaching out to every seller out is just a waste of your valuable time and big bucks. Learn how to create the lead flow to target the highly-motivated and most likely sellers in your market.

Negotiate Like A Pro

Learning how to negotiate like a pro and strike a deal is what you need to become a master. Bid farewell to your negotiation problems way before they occur with Flipstarter.

Build Income

What's the first indicator of success in business? That's income. Say goodbye to money-problems as this course will not only help you expand your skillset and become a numbers expert but will even reveal in front of you some secrets to bringing a definite positive change.


"Subscribing to this course is like buying a diamond at the price of aluminum."



Here’s what will be covered:

  • What does an “actual deal” look like? Understanding the numbers

  • 10 sources to making your audience reach out to you

  • Contractor & House Renovation process

  • How to fund a deal the right way and identifying the best options?

  • How to sell your house effectively?

  • How to set up your business right from scratch?

  • My secrets to scaling to 100 flips/year

Quitting your 9-5 job is a dream for many. And we are the ones who love turning it to reality. 

It’s time we helped you spend time with your loved ones, with 

“Our Past Clients Loved Our Flipstarter Program”

“Clear concise program with many helpful tools. Invaluable mentorship, leadership, and coaching" 

-Pat Cawood

"Within the first three hours, I have learned more than in any other Real Estate course! Highly recommended!"

-Ari Wajnberg

“This course will greatly help you to design and start your own real estate business”

-Eric Olson

“We get a lot of information in a short period. I managed to flip one house really quick and made a $40,000 profit on that one.”

-Lee Presto

What will we be covering? Let’s take a look.

What does an “actual deal” look like?

To become a master, you need to learn:

  • What’s a good price for buying a property?

  • What % of discount should you look for to make it work?

  • How to figure out the costs involved in fixing a property?

  • How to know what you’ll be selling or renting it for when you’re done?

  • Is there a secret formula?

  • Are there any exceptions?

  • Do these tactics work everywhere?

How to Find Deals?

I used 10 sources to find the most outstanding deals. I'll be talking about each of them briefly in this course. On top of this, I'll be discussing auctions, including tax sales, foreclosure auction, online auctions, top-proven outbound marketing tactics to effectively reach out to potential sellers and inbound marketing methods to make your audience reach out to you. 

We'll be exploring the concepts of HUD houses, REOs, and the number of sources. We need you to be prepared before you tune in to our course. Hence, we will be emailing you a "Fantastic Deals & Where to Find Them” PDF version after you’re done with the registration process.

We want you to be one of the best house-flippers there ever is or was. So, we need you to come prepared.

We’ll be asking questions as well.  Don’t worry, we are kidding. But seriously come prepared.

While analyzing a property, you will know how to gather valuable information and process it the right way. Well, I'll give you a form and reveal how I use it personally.

How to fund a deal the right way and identifying the best options?

“No Money Down” deals are what we will be focusing on for the most part. BUT I’ll be revealing some of the best tactics to get a deal funded. 

You’ll be coming across some of the major funding methods as well as structures and learn how to combine them for doing high-end fix and flips, without even having to invest a single buck out of your pockets.

BONUS: I'll send you "How to Put Skin in the Game When You're Running Then on Skin?" It's a book that you can refer to learn about the various methods of funding investment deals. I've shared the "Funding Stack" concept which I personally borrowed from Commercial Real Estate & applied it to Single-Family Investing

The Contractor & Contracting Process

Gaining knowledge about this process is invaluable. You'll obviously want to fix the house and want to make sure that it looks beautiful. On top of this, you will be looking forward to getting it done under your budget and on-time. Well, it won't happen "automagically."

Learn the contractor game. Learn how to hire them, set up a project, manage the contractor, hold that contractor accountable. On top of this, I will be sharing my coveted Contractor Documents including:

  • The Construction Agreement

  • Ad for Contractor (used when looking for new ones)

  • Application Form

  • Thirty Hiring Questions

  • Payment Policy

  • Change Order Policy

  • Change order Form

  • Lien Waiver (blank)

  • Commencement of Work

  • Scope of Work 

  • More hiring questions (values and skills)

Did you know that the contractor will have a large impact on your profitability after purchasing your house? And that’s the reason you need to chin up and get your poker-playing-face reading skills to you’ll want to get a read on the quality and character of the person.

How to Sell Your Home Effectively?

It’s time to move your home out of the pipeline. It may either be a sale or a rental system. And that’s what we refer to as “Disposition.”

There aren’t just two ways of disposing your property. There are dozens. We’ll be covering the major ones like:

  • Leases

  • Leases with options

  • Seller financing models

  • Installment land contracts

On top of this, I will be sharing my personal contracts which I used to buy and sell properties. And that’s not it. You will even be subject to the Assignment agreement which I used when wholesaling properties. 

If there’s any document that I use over and over, I will be sharing it with you.

How to Set Up Your Business?

The one thing that I won’t ever forget…like in forever is the day when I set down with a CPA to set up my own business. I still remember, he folded his hands and told me, “So, how would you like to set it up?”

And here’s what I replied: “I was hoping you’d be telling me what I needed to do.” He revealed that he wasn’t an advisor. Instead, he considered himself to be more of an order-taker. 

Getting out there with no knowledge of setting up your business is like putting your hands in an alligator’s mouth. You need an entity structure and a plan. You need to learn how to think about asset protection.

BONUS: I’ll name the paid pre-paid legal service that I’ve been using for years. And trust me, it’s one of the best out there. We’ll be discussing “Nevada Corporations” and different possible entity structures. You’ll learn more about the differences between LLCs & Corporations and most importantly, you’ll have a clear idea of what to do next.

My secrets to scaling to 100 flips/year

I don’t want you to consider yourself as a small entrepreneur with just one source of income. Instead, I want you to be someone with multiple passive incomes from rentals, flips as well as different real estate investments. 

But to begin, you need to master the art of “Flipping.”

I’ll be revealing a few of my secrets which helped me to get to the point where I had 50-60 flips in my inventory and was easily selling 100+ homes each year. 


Due to the demand and limited seating we had to declare our August Class SOLD OUT!



To make sure everyone who wants financial freedom gets a chance to participate and learn from Roger, we have opened up registration for our October Class


NEXT CLASS: October 5 - 7 from 7-9pm EDT. Two hours each evening.