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Due to the demand and limited seating we had to declare our Novembert Class SOLD OUT!

NEXT CLASS: November 3-5 from 7-9pm EDT. Two hours each evening.



To make sure everyone who wants financial freedom gets a chance to participate and learn from Roger, we have opened up registration for our January Class

NEXT CLASS: January 8, 15, 22, 29 from 10am – 12pm EDT. Two hours each Saturday.


The ultimate online flipping houses course for
those who want to…

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with Roger Blankenship - a professional who
has done it more than 1500 times

If you think you know how to flip
we will prove that there is more to it!

Roger Blankenship

FlipStarter is our 8 hour course designed to give you all the information you need in order to get started in the business of fixing and flipping houses.

Led by Founder and Host of the show “Flipping America” Roger Blankenship, FlipStarter will reveal how you can successfully invest in real estate in today’s market, stick to it and flip successfully.

Best of all, you’ll be entertained and inspired along the way, as Roger energetically and passionately shares the secrets he has learned from being a part of more than 1500 real estate deals over the past decade.

Excited? What are you waiting for?

Due to COVID-19, use this time to brush up on your real estate skills so even during the crisis you can research properties and when the time comes you can hit the ground running with your new knowledge of flipping houses!

clear and concise program, designed to work with the talents, skills, and experience you already have!

the 5 steps for high lead generation!
it is the time to learn how to…

Put together your team

Finding a good and, most importantly, a successful team is not an easy job. With this training you will be able to get vital knowledge on how to evaluate people and find those who are a valuable contribution to the business. Know the THREE most important hiring factors and how to ask the right questions. This includes the vitally important contractor.

find right prospects

Finding motivated sellers is not a random choice! Save time and money creating the lead flow you need for your business by targeting the most likely sellers in your market

negotiate deals

You may be having trouble with reaching a common ground or receiving total understanding from sellers. Not a problem! The knowledge you get with the course will help head off negotiation problems before they occur.

run the numbers like a pro

Don’t forget about the numbers! There is an old saying in real estate investing, “you make your money when you buy it.” Knowing your numbers will help you consistently buy properties at the right price. By the end of this training you will be analyzing deals from home and making offers on properties sight-unseen (Don’t worry – you’ll go see them eventually)

create income

An indication of success for any business is income. Forget about your current situation, your cash and credit position because over these 4 days you will get the knowledge which will help to bring a definite positive change.

this course is only for people who want to
become extraordinary.

Get the most important knowledge covered in these topics:

What would it feel like if you could quit your job and not only work for yourself, but own a business that will ultimately provide you with more income and more free time.

See what others are saying about the FlipStarter program

“Clear concise program with many helful tool. Invaluable mentorship, leadership, and coaching”

-Pat Cawood

“This course will greatly help you to design and start your own real estate business”

-Eric Olson

“Within the first three hours I have learned more than in any other Real Estate course! Highly recommended!”

-Ari Wajnberg

“We get a lot of information in a short period. I managed to flip one house really quick and made a $40,000 profit on that one.”

-Lee Presto

What we are covering during the workshop:

  1. What does a “deal” look like? They say you make your money when you buy the property. But what is a good price for buying a property? How much of a discount do you need to make it work? How do you figure out what it’s going to cost to fix the property? How can I know what I will sell or rent it for when I’m finished? Is there a formula I can follow? Are there exceptions to the rules? Does this work in all areas?
  2. How do I find deals? I’m going to show you ten sources I use for finding deals and explain each one. I’ll discuss auctions, including the foreclosure auction and tax sales as well as online auctions, out-bound marketing methods designed to reach out to potential sellers, in-bound marketing methods that will bring the deals to your inbox. We will touch on HUD houses, REOs and a number of sources. To give you a head start, after you register you’ll get an email from me with the pdf version of my recent book, “Fantastic Deals and Where to Find them.” Take time to read this ahead of time because we will build on it.
    When you get to the property you’ll need to know how to gather information on it and process that information as part of your analysis. Yes – I’ll give you the form and show you how I use it. 
  3. What are the ways to fund a deal and what’s the best option for you? Yes we will discuss “no money down” deals, but there are at least a dozen other ways to get a deal funded. I will share with you ALL of the major funding methods and structures and talk about how you can combine them to do high end fix and flips with none of your own money. And I’ll be sending ANOTHER free resource for you, my book “How To Put Skin In The Game When You’re Running Thin On Skin.” This book explains the various methods of funding investment deals and in it I share with you the Funding Stack concept I borrowed from Commercial Real Estate Investing and applied to Single Family investing. 
  4. The Contractor and contracting process. This is a big one. You will want to fix the house and you will want it to be beautiful, on-time, and on-budget, right? This doesn’t “automagically” happen. You will learn the contractor game, how to hire them, how to set up the project, how to manage the contractor, and how to hold that contractor accountable. As part of the workshop I’m going to give you my coveted Contractor Documents including:
    1. The Construction Agreement
    2. Ad for Contractor (used when looking for new ones)
    3. Application Form
    4. Thirty Hiring Questions
    5. Payment Policy
    6. Change Order Policy
    7. Change order Form
    8. Lien Waiver (blank)
    9. Commencement of Work
    10. Scope of Work 
    11. More hiring questions (values and skills).
      After the purchase of the house, the contractor has the biggest impact on your profitability. Get your poker-playing face-reading skills on, because you have to be able to get a reliable read on the character and quality of this person. 
  5. How to Dispose of Your House. Nope – not throwing them away! We are just moving them out of our pipeline, either into the sales system or our rental system. This process is called “disposition” which is why we say we are disposing of the properties. There are more than two ways to dispose of a property – there are several. We will cover the major ones including leases, leases with options, installment land contracts, and seller financing models. I am going to give you the contracts I use both to buy and to sell properties (they are not the same and I’ll explain why). I’m also going to provide the Assignment agreement I use when wholesaling properties. In fact, I’m going to give you pretty much any document I use over and over. 
  6. How to Set up your business. I’ll never forget the day I sat down with a CPA (who had been referred to me by a friend) to set up my business. He folded his hands and said, “So, how would you like to set it up?” I looked at him, gulped, and said, “I was hoping you would tell me what I needed to do.” He said he was not an advisor, but more of an order-taker. Hint: You don’t want this kind of accountant for your business. Never fear! I’m not going to let you get out there with no knowledge of how to set things up. I’ll show you the entity structure you need to get started and how to start thinking about asset protection. I will introduce you to a pre-paid legal service that I’ve used for years to help me in many areas of my business (and even traffic court!). This company can help you set up your entities. We will discuss Nevada Corporations (you don’t need them right now) and other possible entity structures. You’ll understand the differences between LLCs and Corporations and most importantly, you’ll know what to do next. 
  7. How I scaled to 100 flips per year. I hope to instill in you a vision for yourself as more than a small entrepreneur – but instead a business owner with multiple streams of income from flips, rentals, and other passive real estate investments. To do that you must first master the part that will bring massive income – flipping. But we are going to start thinking together (if you will participate!) about the future and making plans to get there. I’ll talk about the systems I used to get to the point where I had 50-60 flips in inventory, multiple crews working, and was selling more than 100 houses each year. 

A note from Roger:

In the time we will have together I probably won’t be able to say everything that could be said about flipping houses, but I WILL give you the essentials. I’m not going to hold back any vital information. I want you to be ready to take the ball and run with it. But that’s not all. After the time together I’m going to make the lesson videos available to you. This will let you refresh your memory as to what we have covered any time. 

I’ve been told that the Contractor portion is worth the entire price of admission and I believe it. As I mentioned to you before I paid an attorney thousands of dollars over a few years to create and tweak it. Now I’m throwing in $30 worth of books, documents that would cost hundreds if you had to hire someone to prepare them, 4 video courses that retails for nearly $600, AND if you register before the cutoff, you can save a few hundred with the early bird discount. No coupon code is needed, just beat the cutoff date. 

These are strange and challenging times. No one knows for sure how things are going to play out in the economy and in the real estate market. But one thing seems certain – in the near future opportunities are going to abound. There will be plenty of home sellers once life gets back to normal. You can ethically seize these opportunities if you are ready — if you have the mindset and the knowledge you need to talk to sellers, manage contractors, and structure deals. That’s what you’ll get with FlipStarter. 

It’s not just a chunk of knowledge – it’s the foundation for an entirely new life.

I can’t wait to see you!